保举展商:新疆紫晶川梭高新农业有限公司[yǒu xiàn gōng sī]


    新疆紫晶川梭高新农业有限公司[yǒu xiàn gōng sī]是新疆首家“智能化LED动物工场及生物科技创新财产基地”的创立者与谋划者,是一家努力于高科技农业工场化开展的国度级高新技能企业。ag平台以高科技动物工场式莳植工艺为出发点,消费“免洗即食蔬菜”和“药用级蛹虫草”,并经过生物科技深加工技能的使用,完全接纳再使用动物工场的莳植剩余物,供给百般生物科技资材及产品,一方面满意宽大消耗人群对高功效性餐饮的需求,另一方面为国度倡议不利用抗生素举行养殖的行业开展,提供要害技能与投入品支持,打造从“出发点就没有净化”的宁静循环农业形式。
    English Profile:
    Xinjiang ZijingChuansuo High-tech Agriculture Co., Ltd. is the creator and operator of Xinjiang’s first "intelligent LED plant factory and biotechnology innovation industrial base", and a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development of high-tech agricultural factories. Based on the high-tech plant factory planting process, we produce "disposable ready-to-eat vegetables" and "medicinal cordyceps militaris". Through the application of biotechnology deep processing technology, we completely recycle and reuse the planting residues of the plant factories to supply various Biotechnology materials and products, on the one hand, meet the needs of consumers for high-functional foods, and on the other hand, for the country advocates the development of the industry that does not use antibiotics for breeding, provides key technology and input support, and creates a safe and circular agricultural model that "no pollution from the starting point".